Alcohol Swabs (Box Qty 25)

SKU MP075002

Product Overview 

This item contains 25 individually wrapped alcohol-saturated swabs

These swabs may be required as part of your day to day instrument operation, or while conducting routine or as-needed instrument maintenance.

This item should be used by appropriately trained maintenance personnel in accordance with the instructions provided in the instrument's user guide.

Rapiscan Systems recommends that you always maintain an adequate supply of consumables and routine/as-needed maintenance parts in order to ensure uninterrupted operation of your instrument.

Product Information

  • Urethane foam swab
  • Contains isopropanol and deionized water
  • 1 ml each individually wrapped swab / 25 ml per box
  • Fast drying with no residue
  • Nonabrasive and plastic safe

Applicable Product Range

Itemiser (all models), MobileTrace (all models), Hardened MobileTrace, EntryScan

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