Cocaine Test Kit Box – Quantity 100 Test Kits per Box

SKU 101042559

Cocaine Test Kit – Quantity 100 Test Kits per Box 


SwabTek’s Cocaine Test Kit is designed to test for the presumptive presence of cocaine. 

Since the kit uses a treated cotton swab, it can be used to test for cocaine on many surfaces. 

Samples may appear white or off-white in color and consist of a fine to coarse powder, a hard rock or opaque crystal, a sticky white paste, cocaine impregnated into paper sheets or dissolved as liquids and vaping juices. 

SwabTek’s test kits contain no acids, carcinogens or toxic liquids and eliminate exposure risks to the user during testing. 

The kits are single use, dry reagent-based spot tests that can be used to test liquid and solid samples.

SwabTek's dry-paper technology integrates easily into many operations from law enforcement, first responders, and schools where presumptive testing is allowed. 


• Cocaine HCl
• Cocaine Freebase
• Crack
• Speedball (Heroin / Cocaine mix) 


For best results, view the How to use the SwabTek Test Kits guide

Note: The Cocaine Test Kits are an ideal, cost-effective solution for presumptive testing of visible quantities of these banned substances. For a solution with more sensitivity see our ITMS Trace Detection Systems.

For more information and descriptions of third-party testing, please review About SwabTek Test Kits

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