Auth: All

Sample Traps - 100
Calibration Traps - 100
Verification Traps - 100
Filter Element
Thermal Printer Paper
Alcohol Wipes, Tub (Qty 100) Item MP075001
Gloves, Cotton (12 pairs)
Dopant - Positive Shows Open Tubes
Dopant - Negative Shows Tubes Open
Nozzle Screen Kit
Alcohol Swabs (Box Qty 25) Item MP075002
Canned Air
Filter, Fan
Alcohol Wipes (Box Qty 50) Item MP075037
Verification Spray, E Mode
Clearing Spray
Membrane Kit
Calibration Spray, E Mode
Preconcentrator Kit, Qty 2
O-Ring, Detector Interface
Filter Bag
Fan Filter Retainer
Filter, Fan FOAM
Contraband Dopant Kit
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